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Lean Office Game

The Lean Office game is an ideal way of demonstrating how Lean applies within office environments both in the service and manufacturing sectors. We have run the game in retailers, NHS, Local Government, professional organisations, etc. As well as design offices, purchasing, senior management teams, sales office, central services, within manufacturing companies.

The game quickly demonstrates how to map complex information flows in order to identify both information wastes and the traditional 7+1 wastes. Having mapped out the current state, using both Rich Pictures and Process Mapping, the game takes you through how to categorise and then prioritise these problems.

The delegates then map out the future state of what the new improved process could look like before implementing. The game is typically run over three rounds with aim being to increase sales, reduce lead-times and eliminate errors.

The game itself is a paper chase activity with roles such as sales, customer liaison, warehouse, operations, finance, management, purchasing/materials, and can be run with between 6 – 15 people. Every two minutes sales are given a different order from one of potentially 20 different customers. The participants have to work together and pool the information they have in order to respond back to the customer with an order acknowledgement and invoice.

The Lean Office Game can be used to cover the following topics:

  1. Application of Lean in the Office
  2. Information Waste and 7W+1
  3. Current and Future State Mapping using both Rich Pictures and Process Mapping
  4. Problem Resolution
  5. Categorising and Prioritising problems
  6. Developing Action Plans
  7. Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs)
  8. 5S/Workplace Organisation
  9. Visual Management

A PDF and electronic instruction manual is included, which in summary covers:

  1. An introduction and overview of the lean office game
  2. How to set-up and run the game
  3. How to collect and display the performance metrics
  4. How to map information flows
  5. Standard operating procedures
  6. Suggested improvements

The Lean Office game is supplied in its own easy to store transport bag and contains:

  1. Transport/storage bag
  2. Customer/Product Cards
  3. Spreadsheet of performance metrics
  4. Master spreadsheet for checking order accuracy
  5. PDF Instructions
  6. Laminated Standard Operations Procedures
  7. Place names

Price: £300 (exc VAT & P+P)

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